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            How to find me in Downtown St. Louis

A lot of people either see me for a split second on the road, or during an event in downtown. Some even hear about me through word of mouth.

Unfortunately most people have no idea where to find me... here's how!


BUSCH STADIUM - Cardinal Home Games 

-Almost every game at Busch Stadium you can find me as Superman and sometimes  as Spider-man. During the game I walk around the OUTSIDE of the ballpark, I'm  never allowed inside (street  performing laws). When the game hits the 7th or 8th  inning I park near the Stan  Musial statue along the fence until everyone clears  out.


-Gates 1, 2 & 4 are smoking gates that let people exit the park and come back in.  That's a great spot to catch me for pictures. 

-Quick Tip: GATE 4 is the most popular gate (on clark st). There you can see me    most of the time. As well as Jazz Musicians, Balloon Animal Artists, and the St.  Louis Drumline after the game!


-Gate 3 is the biggest exit for when the game is over. Located at Spruce and 8th  street. This is also the home for the Cardinal's own Superman, a statue of STAN  THE MAN. I stand caddy-cornered of the statue right next to the exiting gate along the black fence that leads in the stadium.

-Quick Tip: If you have trouble finding me DURING THE GAME, I am guaranteed to  be in that spot from (roughly) the 7th inning stretch to when the crowd dies out  after the game is done.


The aftercrowd for the game gets extremely busy, you may be in line for while or you may not. I'm not going anywhere until that ballpark is dry and empty, waiting is worth it.

Sometimes I literally cannot make it to the game. Don't spend your time missing the game to look for me. If you don't see me at gate 3 when the game ends that means I wasn't there in the first place. 


BELOW is a picture of the stadium and its listed sections and gates. Under that is the ball park schedule. If I know in advance that I can't make a game I'll post on my facebook page here

Please follow this link for the Cardinal's official scheldule



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